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Information Sign Request

  1. Harper County is proud to serve its citizens with this digital information sign located at the intersection of Highway 160 and Highway 2. Feel free to fill in the form below and submit it to the county for approval. Messages must be for community wide events supporting the citizens of Harper County.
  2. Contact Information
  3. (Keep in mind, fewer lines means a larger font for people to read.)
  4. County business and other events may take priority, there is no guarantee your message will be displayed.

    Messages of the following types will NOT be displayed:
          ~Product or "for profit" advertising
          ~Lottery or gambling related
          ~Obscene or indecent
          ~Editorial or personal
          ~Politically oriented

    Perpetually running messages are not allowed.

    Harper County reserves the right to edit and/or censor any message request.

    By clicking submit, you agree to the above stipulations.
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