About Us

Service Area

We provide dispatch service to:

  • Anthony Police Department and Fire Department
  • Anthony Utilities
  • Attica Police and Fire Department
  • Harper Police and Fire Department



  • Harper County EMS
  • Harper County Sheriff's Department
  • Harper County Emergency Management
  • Other agencies will utilize the radio frequencies in Harper County as needed (Kansas Highway Patrol, Kansas Wildlife & Parks, etc.)

Call Lines

We manage:

  • Four 911 land-lines
  • Two 911 wireless trunks
  • One Text -to- 911 line
  • One alarm line to receive calls directly from alarm monitoring centers
  • One crime stoppers line for anonymous calls about criminal activity
  • Two administrative lines: one for officers and the dispatch line for non-emergency calls from the general public

We are responsible for answering these lines 24/7.

Radio Console

The radio consoles in Harper County Emergency Communications utilize multiple channels on both UHF and 800  frequencies.

We also have the ability to monitor surrounding counties radio transmissions to support mutual aid response when needed. 


Harper County Emergency Communications employees one director, five full-time and one part-time telecommunicators.  The majority of the twelve hour shifts four of the  full-time telecommunicators work are worked alone.  The fifth full-time person serves as the Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC) and provides coverage for the other four.  The part-time person works as needed for coverage.

All staff are required to go through extensive training consisting of:

  • Four months of Basic Recruit Training (in-house training)
  • APCO Public Safety Telecommunicator
  • APCO Emergency Medical Dispatcher
  • FEMA ICS 100
  • FEMA ICS 144
  • FEMA ICS 200
  • FEMA ICS 241
  • FEMA ICS 317
  • FEMA ICS 700
  • Tele-communicator Best Practices for Missing or Abducted Children
  • CPR

Only upon successful completion of all required training are staff allowed to work the console in a solo status.  Once they reach solo status, they are required to complete no less than twelve hours of continuing education yearly.

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