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Funnel Cloud DefinitionWhat is the Difference Between a Tornado Watch & a Tornado Warning?
The tornado watch is usually issued before tornadoes have developed, when conditions in the atmosphere favor development of severe thunderstorms that could produce tornadoes.

Sometimes, but not often, isolated severe thunderstorms with tornadoes can develop in an area not affected by a tornado watch or an event can begin to occur just before the tornado watch is issued.

Definition of a Tornado
The definition of a tornado is a rotating column of air with some degree of vertical orientation, that is not always visible, and causes damage to objects in contact with the earth's surface or shows evidence that part or all of the circulation contacted the earth's surface.

The definition of a funnel cloud is a visible tornadic circulation that does not effect the earth's surface.

Definition of a TornadoDefinition of a Tornado Warning
The definition of a tornado warning is when tornadoes are either occurring or will occur within a specified time (usually within 60 mins) within one or several counties:
  • A thunderstorm on radar is determined, after analysis to be capable of producing a tornado
  • Someone has spotted a tornado, funnel cloud, or reported damage characteristic of a tornado

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