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Recording Check List
  • Only the original document can be recorded.
  • Sufficient space must be provided for the necessary filing stamps.
  • The document must be legible or accompanied by an exact copy of sufficient legibility.
  • All documents must be signed.
  • Signatures must be acknowledged by a notary public. The notary seal must be affixed and the expiration date of the notary’s commission must be noted.
  • Names must be typed or printed under all signatures, including the notary.
  • Assignments must contain the address of the assignee.
  • Payment is required at the time of recording. Check the fee schedule for rates.
  • Deeds must be accompanied by a one or three part Real Estate Sales Validation Questionnaire or be eligible for an exemption. The exemption shall be clearly stated on the deed.
  • Transfers of title that do not require a Questionnaire are as follows:
    • Recorded prior to the effective date of this act, i.e., July 1, 1991
    • Made solely for the purpose of securing or releasing security for a debt or other obligation
    • Made for the purpose of confirming, correcting, modifying, or supplementing a deed previously recorded and without additional consideration
    • By way of gift, donation, or contribution stated in the deed or other instruments
    • To cemetery lots
    • By leases and transfers of severed mineral interests
    • To or from a trust, and without consideration
    • Resulting from a divorce settlement where one party transfers interest in property to the other
    • Made solely for the purpose of creating a joint tenancy or tenancy in common
    • By way of a sheriff’s deed
    • By way of a deed which has been in escrow for longer than five years
    • By way of a quit claim deed filed for the purpose of clearing title encumbrances
    • When title is transferred to convey right-of-way or pursuant to eminent domain
    • Made by a guardian, executor, administrator, conservator, or trustee of an estate pursuant to judicial order
    • When title is transferred due to repossession
    • Made for the purpose of releasing an equitable lien on a previously recorded affidavit of equitable interest, and without additional consideration

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