Harper County can partner with many State agencies to package different incentives and tax policies together to best fit your business needs.

Rural Opportunity Zone

 Harper County is a Rural Opportunity Zone. People who move to Harper County after July 1, 2011 and meet the qualifications of the program can be eligible for State Income Tax Waivers for up to 5 years. Harper County will not support the Student Loan Repayment program after 2019. Other Harper County employers could provide the matching repayment portion for the program to help recruit qualified job applicants if they so choose. 

Economic Development Exemption - EDX Property Tax Abatement

Harper County and Cities may exempt real property from ad valorem taxation (property taxes). The tax abatement can include all or any portion of the appraised buildings, land and improvements. A total or partial tax abatement may be in effect for up to 10 years after the calendar year in which the business commences its operations. Any property tax abatement is the decision of the City Council or County Commissioners. Properties that may qualify include any buildings, land, and tangible personal property used exclusively by a new business for a) manufacturing b) research and development, or c) the storing of goods traded in interstate commerce. Also, an exemption may be given for existing buildings or new expansions to existing buildings, and for the land and associated new personal property, for these same purposes, to facilitate the expansion of the business, if new employment is created.

Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRBs):

Industrial Revenue Bonds can be issued by a City or the County. A business can use IRB's as a low cost tool to help finance their projects. In addition, the bonds allow for a reduction or abatement of the property taxes created by the increased value of the project.