Harper County Attorney

ScalesCounty Attorney

The County Attorney is the chief prosecutor of Harper County, prosecuting criminal, traffic, and juvenile offender cases.


The County Attorney also represents the interests of the State of Kansas in child in need of care and adult care and treatment cases filed in the county.

In addition, in the absence of an attorney separately appointed by the Board of Commissioners, the county attorney is the civil attorney and legal counsel for the Board of Commissioners and all other elected County Officials. This includes representing the county before the courts in civil matters, conducting tax sales, prosecuting eminent domain actions, preparing resolutions for the Board of County Commissioners, advising on road vacations, etc. The County Counsel does not provide legal advice or legal services to the general public.

Unofficial Index to Resolutions - 1878 to 2011

You can now word-search the titles for every resolution made by the Harper County Board of Commissioners from 1878 to 2011. Just use the "Site Search" or view the folder. Copies of the actual resolutions are available through the County Clerk's office.