Register of Deeds

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Providing accurate recording, thorough retention and fast retrieval of information in a courteous and efficient manner.


Register of Deeds - Audrey Anderson
Deputy Register of Deeds - Denise Beckner


The Register of Deeds shall have custody of and safely keep and preserve all books, records, deeds, maps, paper, and micro photographs deposited or kept in the office of the register of deeds. The Register of Deeds shall also record or cause to be recorded all deeds, mortgages, maps, instruments, and writings authorized by law to be recorded in the office of the register of deeds and shall perform all other duties as are required by law.

The Register of Deeds and the Deputy Register of Deeds are guided first by the Kansas Statutes and then by good common sense. They take pride in their work and are committed to providing the best customer service possible.